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The story of the Diatlovo winemaking started in the middle of last century.

The wine facility which was situated in Diatlovo was assigned to a separate unit called wine plant. This happened after the reorganization of the regional industrial plant. There was given a place of the former artel "Progress" for building a wine plant. The artel was specialised in pickling and canning of vegetable products at that time. The head of the artel was Timoschenko Nikolai Fedotovich.

The head of the Food Industry Administration made a decision to appoint Kuzmenkov Nikolai Ivanovich to be the first plant manager. The work of our plant has been continuing from that period. The first wine bottling made in May 1971.

The quantity of fruit wine comprised about 60 thousand dal a year during the first years. It had increased up to 290 thousand dal by 1974 and reached 440 thousand dal in 2003.

Diatlovo Wine Plant was renamed in Diatlovo Food Plant in 1987. The production of caramel, potato chips, apple vinegar,apple concentrated juice and spirits was started at that period. The production of fruit wines was restarted in1992. The plant was renamed in Diatlovo Wine and Vodka Plant in 1996. Nowadays it is a regional business unit of a unitary enterprise "GrodnoPischeProm". The best native traditions of winemaking are kept at the plant. The command of professionals was formed. They are the people who do their best at work.

Oleg Mihailovich Ivanaschko was the head of the plant from 2002 till 2006. There were different problems he had to decide.

Alexandr Nikolaevich Philipov was the head of the plant from 2006 till 2009. The organisation of vodka production which volume was 0.5 liter and 0.7 liter and wine production with a volume of 0.7 liter were connected with that period.

Guzen Valery Evgenievich was appointed the head of the plant in May 2014.

Diatlovo Food Plant: yesterday and now

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