Special technology wine

Special technology wine undergoes heat treatment at a temperature of 4550 °C during 1012 days with and without oxygen. Oak extract "Tanol +" or milled oak is added to each wine. As a result the wine acquires mellow cognac flavour. To these kinds of products belong:

«Madern Breeze», «Madern Amber»

«Madern Breeze»
«Madern Amber»

«Mysterious Orchard», «Porto Bianco»

«Mysterious Orchard»
«Porto Bianco»

«Fruit Fantasy», «Modern Lux»

«Fruit Fantasy»
«Modern Lux»

«Fruitveyn Lux», «Apple Delight»

«Fruitveyn Lux»
«Apple Delight»

They consist of apple, red currant, ashberry, black currant and black chokeberry juices. The fruit wines of RBU "Diatlovo Wine and Vodka Plant" are exported to Latvia, Estonia and other countries.